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We are aware that the word ‘Cunt’ shocks some people and don’t mean to offend.
We use it because of its ancient roots all around the world and links with women, goddesses, witches and priestesses.
It’s a sacred word filled with potent power.
It can fill people with utter hate or complete love (I promise!).
I choose love.
Do you?
Read more about the origins of the word ‘Cunt’
and our dream for a Cunt loving future.

Visit our shop Cunt Loving Emporium, for all your cunty needs to be satisfied!

Join The Cunt Loving Quest, an online course for women to explore their relationship with their Cunts.
Learn about who we are and take a look at our Cuntcraft events, videos 
and photos from previous events.
Be inspired by women all around the world who are busily working underground to transform the mainstream perceptions of the Cunt and menstruation.
And most of all…..
Find your own unique, beautiful way to CHERISH THE CUNT!

48 thoughts on “

  1. Thank you, you are doing women and cunts a great service :) great web site, great message :)) so happy to have found you

  2. I’m so happy that someone has decided to cherish cunts as I do. Cunts are nature’s delights, and it’s time they were appreciated properly. I honour cunts each and every day, and want everyone to know that for as long as I live, there will always be a place in my heart for a lovely cunt.

  3. On with the CUNTS!!! Forever we shall cherish and lovingly caress the squishy beauty of adored cunts allover the world!!! HURRAH!!!

    PS. We offer top-notch service with many choices available to pamper and caress your cunt with tender loving care in any way you want it to be. REPLY to this comment for FREE sample of service!

  4. Hi I’m rick chubka and I love cunts, I’m so happy women have them. I always try to make them happy and play with them every chance I get. I even have a cunt song on for my cell phone ring tone. So keep your cunt smiling and singing. Can cunts smile or sing? Rick Chubka and you may use my name.

  5. Regarding above comment….why is it hilarious…please share and how come unique subject matter? half the population have a cunt! xxx

  6. love cunt we all come from one and most men really want to go back to one and they are so versatile. Cunts can be ate, licked, banged, kissed and just plained loved. Without cunts there would be no world so I for one worship all cunts

  7. I’ve always & forever loved the precious cunt, even tho I may not have one now, I’ll always cherish th precious cunt, & fully represent myself as being th cunt of th house, its a position of honor for th cunt. Thank you for your loving service to th cunt!

  8. I love cunts, the way they smell, taste, feel…. Everything. If you have a cunt, be happy, they’re wonderful !! True story.

  9. What an important message…empowering…I’m going to share it with my daughter so she doesn’t wrestle with her body so much but engages, appreciates, and, perhaps, celebrates the wonder of the creation that she is…thank you for this wonderful, “quirky “, blissful, insightful spot! Blessings-

  10. I adore cunts! Can’t beleive why people dont cherish or worship cunts. If I were the president I would name myself cunt overlord and name every street after cunt 1. Cunt2. Cunt3 etc. I love cunts!!!!!! WOOOOO.

  11. I am 81 years old, horny and impotent; a few decades have passed since I last enjoyed/pleasured a young cunt via cunnnilingus.

    • I’m approving your comment on the site as I know you meant it as a compliment but to be honest, I don’t like being referred to as ‘naughty’. There is nothing ‘naughty’ about being an empowered, sexually liberated woman :)

  12. Thank you for this, Colette! From a cunt lover who owns her pussy …. and the men and ladies know it ….

  13. So many beautiful cunts in the world !!! So many shapes and sizes …just want to dive in ….delicious!!! For the love of lips !!!

  14. I am a man who loves cunt !!!! Tastee eat pussy for breakfast every day !!! Wake up in the morning and the first thing i think of and want is a hot wet horny cunt !!! Cunt is art !!! Beautiful i just love women !! many shapes and sizes…so many beautiful cunts !!!

  15. Although your etymological attributions for the word cunt are mostly highly speculative and sometimes downright tendentious, none of that detracts from your highly commendable campaign to rescue it from its undeserved obloquy. It is a good strong Anglo-Saxon term for a good strong part of a woman. And, I might add, a part of great beauty and sexual allure, to men and women alike. We pass through cunts into this world… what better portal could there be to prepare us for the world’s beauty?

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